Rock Glasses And 11 Other Gifts For The Whiskey Drinker In Your Life

Are you looking for the perfect gift to show the whiskey drinker in your life how much you appreciate them? We have a list of 11 unique gifts that will make their day. From rock glasses to whiskey stones, there's something here for everyone.

The History of Whiskey and How It's Made

Whiskey has been around since the 1400s and has come a long way since then. The production of whiskey differs depending on the type and brand, but generally, it involves the distillation of fermented grains such as malted barley, wheat or rye. It's then aged in oak barrels for anywhere from a few months to many years, which gives whiskey its distinct flavour and colour. The longer it's aged, the more complex its flavour becomes. To produce great whiskey that stands up to scrutiny from even the most discerning connoisseurs takes skill and patience, two things that any whiskey lover appreciates. For these reasons, rock glasses make perfect gifts for the whisky enthusiast in your life!

How to Store and Serve Whiskey for the Perfect Experience Every Time

To make sure the whiskey lover in your life has the perfect experience every time they enjoy their favourite beverage, it's important to get the storage and serving just right. Storing whiskey correctly will ensure that it maintains its flavour and potency, while serving it correctly can help bring out all its nuances. When storing whiskey, keep it away from sunlight, preferably in a dark cupboard or cellar; if possible, store it in an area with a consistent temperature between 55-75°F. Serve whiskey neat or with water - adding ice is not recommended as it can dilute and weaken its flavour. With these simple tips, you can help guarantee that your whisky-loving friend enjoys their drink even more!

Gifts For The Whiskey Drinker In Your Life

Rock Glasses

These glasses are specifically designed to enhance the flavour and aroma of any whiskey. They have thick walls and a wide brim to allow plenty of room for ice cubes or whiskey stones. Plus, they look great on any bar cart or tabletop.

Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones are an ingenious way to keep your favourite drink chilled without diluting it with melted ice cubes. Just pop them in the freezer, and they'll be ready when you need them!

Decanter Set

For those who like to entertain, a decanter set is a must-have item for any home bar or liquor cabinet. Choose one with a crystal decanter, four rocks glasses, and a stopper. The perfect way to serve up drinks in style!

Barrel-Aged Spirits Kit

If you know someone who loves making their own spirits, a barrel-aged spirits kit is just what they need! It comes with everything needed to age whiskey, bourbon, rum and more right at home using oak barrels.

Whiskey Glass Set

A set of old-fashioned glasses is perfect for serving a favourite spirit neat or on the rocks. The heavy base gives each glass stability and makes them ideal for sipping slowly and savouring every drop!

Whiskey Tasting Flight Set

Perfect for the connoisseur in your life, a tasting flight set includes a set of glasses and shot glasses so they can sample different whiskeys side by side like a pro!

Ice Ball Maker

An ice ball maker is perfect for anyone who likes whiskey on the rocks but doesn't want watered-down ice cubes melting into it too quickly! The mould creates large spherical ice balls that melt slower than traditional cubes, so your drink stays nicely chilled without getting diluted as fast as normal ice would do it.

Custom Engraved Whiskey Glasses

What better way to show someone you care than having their name engraved onto a beautiful whiskey glass? Not only does it add a personal touch, it also makes an impressive addition to any barware collection!


For the whiskey lover in your life, a jigger is an ideal gift that goes perfectly with a set of rock glasses. A jigger is an essential tool for making cocktails that require precise measuring and can help the whiskey enthusiast in your life create their own unique whisky-based drinks.

Reusable Ice Cubes

Reusable silicone cubes are perfect for chilling drinks without diluting them like regular ice cubes tend to do when they melt away too quickly. They come in all sorts of colours, so you can customise them with colours that match your recipient's home decor!

Personalised Whiskey Labels

If you're looking for something truly special, why not get personalised labels made up? You can have a label designed just for your recipient featuring their name or initials printed onto it, along with an image of their favourite whisky brand logo or iconography symbolising something important about them!


With a sleek and stylish design, flasks make a unique addition to any home bar setup. This classic drinking accessory is perfect for taking small amounts of whiskey on the go - allowing the recipient to enjoy their favourite drink anywhere.

ZÓ's Rock Glasses Set

Looking for a luxurious gift idea that will truly impress? Look no further than ZÓ'S Rock Glasses Set. These beautiful, hand-blown glasses are made of heavy glass and are perfect for enjoying an evening Single Malt or G&T., But there are no rules when it comes to using these glasses - you can personalise them with a love heart using the "❤️" emoji. They come complete with monogramming in either a single, double or triple letter/number format. And what's even better is that each glass comes in its own black ZÓ bag, with the option of a gift box. So why not treat someone special today and give them the gift of ZÓ's Rock Glasses Set?

Final Thoughts

Whether you're shopping for yourself or someone else, plenty of great gifts are sure to please any whiskey enthusiast, no matter the occasion! From rock glasses and whiskey stones to custom engraved whiskies and personalised labels, these unique ideas will make sure your gift stands out from all the rest this year! With these amazing gifts on hand, everyone can enjoy all kinds of delicious whiskeys! So don't wait—start shopping today so you have time to pick out something special before Christmas arrives!


Founded in Sydney, Australia, from a love of personalisation & wine. Our style embodies timeless minimalism with gifts for others or yourself that you don't need to think twice about. Classic styles, quality finishes and premium products finished with beautiful packaging make gifting easy and memorable. We look forward to having you on this journey and can't wait for you to be a part of the ZÓ experience. What Are Rocks Glasses Called?

Rocks glasses, also known as lowball glasses, are used to serve small drinks such as whiskey and bourbon. These glasses are designed with a wide mouth and rounded base to provide the perfect drinking experience. Rocks glasses are essential to any barware collection, so choose a set that suits your needs perfectly. The name comes from their ability to hold ice cubes or "rocks" that can be used to chill and dilute the alcohol being served. These glasses come in various sizes depending on how much you want to serve.

Why Are They Called Rocks Glasses?

Rocks glasses get their name from their wide opening, low profile and capacity to hold ice cubes (or "rocks") that can be used to chill drinks. These glasses are the perfect shape for serving small drinks like whiskey, bourbon and brandy, as the wide mouth allows you to easily inhale the aroma of your drink before taking a sip. The rounded base gives your glass a timeless look that will never go out of style.

What Is Rock Glass Used For?

Rocks glasses are primarily used to serve small drinks like whiskey and bourbon. The shape of the glass is perfect for this purpose, as the wide mouth makes it easy to inhale the aroma of your drink before taking a sip and the rounded base gives it a classic look. These glasses can also be used to chill drinks, as they have enough capacity to hold ice cubes or "rocks". Whether you are throwing a party or just having a relaxing evening in, rock glasses are an essential part of any barware collection.

What Is a Whiskey Lover Called?

A whiskey lover is often referred to as a "whiskey aficionado" or "whiskey connoisseur." These terms indicate someone who possesses an in-depth knowledge and appreciation for whiskey, its various styles and flavours, and its history. Whiskey lovers tend to actively seek out great old and new whiskeys and spend time learning about the distilling process and ingredients used in different whiskeys.