Our goal is to ensure complete satisfaction with our products, and we understand glassware can be fragile in transit, so we will do our best to keep your glassware safe and protected for the journey there. 


Please email us at
hello@zopersonalised.com a photo of the broken goods within 7 days of receipt to arrange a replacement. It is against the law to post broken glass - please do not send back. 
We ask you to email:
1. A Clear overall image of the glassware in the packaging that is broken.
2. Close up of the part that is broken
3. Clear photo encapsulating both the break & engraved initials on the glassware.
Once your email has been received and the photo is approved we will contact you to organise a replacement. 


Sadly, personalised purchases are customised to your specifications just for you, and may not be changed, cancelled, returned, exchanged or refunded, unless the item is broken. 


We are constantly updating our collections, products and prices. All our prices, including promotions and special offers, are valid as shown on the website when you order. The amount payable will be confirmed before the order is completed. If the price changes, you will still be charged the amount which was valid when you placed your order. 

Personalisation/Engraving Terms and Conditions

Personalised/engraved purchases are made to your specifications and may not be changed, cancelled, returned, exchanged or refunded. 
We will personalise/engrave the product exactly to the data you entered. 
The final size and placement of your personalisation are at the discretion of the ZÓ personalisation department.

What constitutes a flaw in crystal?

Frequently, we attempt to explain the facts of crystal craftsmanship to customers seeking flawless perfection in the merchandise they buy. In reality, such perfection can be achieved only in assembly line products. Of course, this is not possible or even desirable in quality ware whose manufacture depends so much on the skill and artistry of individual craftsmen. Slight variations in crystal ware pieces are actually confirmation of fine crafting.

Are bubbles or seeds fault in the glass?

No, these are characteristics of handmade glass. Gases form the bubble when chemicals are united in the fusing or melting of the raw ingredients. As long as they are not on the rim or broken through the surface, they do not affect the quality or the beauty of the glass.

Are lines in crystal a flaw?

A line or “cord” is an almost invisible difference in density in the glass, which occurs during the fusing of the molten crystal. It is the natural outcome of the hand making process and is not considered a flaw. Although it is visible when the glass is empty because it refracts the light, once the glass is filled the light is refracted at a different angle and it becomes invisible.